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What is a Chapulin?

  • It is a grasshopper, one of Mexico’s most emblematic and important edible insects that has been part of the local diet in Southern Mexico for centuries

Where are your chapulines or grasshoppers coming from? For how long have chapulines or grasshoppers being consumed?

  • From Mexico, the country with the largest number of edible insects in the world (i.e. 549 species). Grasshoppers, one of the most important edible insects in Mexico, are a key element in Southern Mexico culture and gastronomy. For centuries, they have remained a vital component of the local culture and diet. Not only are they an important food ingredient in rural communities but also a delicacy for the urban population, playing a significant role in the local economy and society.

Where do chapulines or grasshoppers live? What do chapulines or grasshoppers eat?

  • They are considered an abundant and sustainable food product collected in Southern Mexico’s valleys where they feed on grass, corn, alfalfa, amaranth, peanut, zucchini, chili, peach, bean, sunflower, among others.

What do your chapulines or grasshoppers taste like?

  • The Merci Mercado products are recognized for their quality and delicate herbal taste.

Are chapulines or grasshoppers tasty?

  • You bet! The Merci Mercado grasshoppers / chapulines are completely dehydrated (not fried), giving them a delicious "crunchy taste" that makes them irresistible.
  • Aside from being delicious, our grasshoppers / chapulines are an excellent source of protein with a light “carbon footprint.” We take pride in knowing that our grasshoppers / chapulines bring a health benefit for you and our planet.

Why are Merci Mercado products sustainable?

  • Compared to traditional livestock, edible insects require less feed to convert the same amount of useful protein for human consumption, less water, and less land.
  • For every every 10 lbs of animal feed you get 1lbs of beef but you can get up to 6 lbs of useful grasshopper protein, 6 times higher the amount of protein for human consumption!
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from chapulines or grasshoppers are extremely low compared to greenhouse gas emissions from livestock. For every 1 unit of greenhouse gases emitted by insects, livestock emits 87 units of greenhouse gases!
  • They are considered an abundant and sustainable food product collected in the valleys where they feed on grass, corn, alfalfa, amaranth, peanut, zucchini, chili, peach, bean, sunflower, among others.

Are your products FDA approved?

Yes they are. Our facilities are fully registered and our products fully traceable. Our products meet the highest quality standards and all import requirements established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (U.S. CBP).

Are your products certified? Do you have any certification?

Yes, our food products have met the ENTOTRUST quality and sustainability standards.

What is the ENTOTRUST certification?

ENTOTRUST is an independent, European organization, certifying the quality of food and beverage products that contain edible insects. The ENTOTRUST seal is assigned only to those products and producers who pass their strict requirements. 

Why is the ENTOTRUST certification relevant? Because Entotrust…

  • … confirms our products are certified to be safe for human consumption and sustainable.
  • … validates that the insect protein content in our products has been lab tested and origin verified.
  • … confirms that our chapulines or grasshoppers have been lab tested for absence of any pathogen or unsuitable chemicals.
  • … confirms that our production facilities have been assessed for very high hygiene and sustainability standards.

How can I use your products?

  • Try them as a stand-alone snack, or as ingredient of your favorite Mexican dishes, or even cocktails! From guacamole to tacos, salsas, quesadillas, enchiladas, etc., or add a Mexican touch to any dish (pizza, salads, etc.). Why not trying them on your favorite desserts (chocolate, ice cream)? That hint of lime juice is irresistible! Visit our Blog for delicious recipe ideas.

What flavors do you carry?

  • For chapulines or grasshoppers, we carry Plain, Adobo and Chipotle flavors!

What is the nutritional content of your products?

  • Take a look at our nutritional labels here
  • Are chapulines or grasshoppers healthy? No doubt. Grasshoppers are gluten-free, contain high amounts of protein, amino acids, and other vital nutrients. Take a look at our nutritional labels here

Are there any allergies disclaimers?

Although not fully proven, people with shellfish allergies may be allergic to the insect’s exoskeleton since it is similar to the exoskeleton in crustaceans. If you are allergic to crustaceans we recommend to consult with your physician before trying our food products.

What is entomophagy?

Merriam-Webster defines entomophagy as: the practice of eating insects. If you consume one of our food products you are practicing entomophagy, but don’t despair! They are healthy, versatile, sustainable and DELICIOUS! The Merci Mercado products are a great option for you and the planet!

What is Chitin?

  • According to Wikipedia, it is the primary component of cell walls in fungi, the exoskeletons of arthropods, such as crustaceans and insects, the radulae of molluscs, cephalopod beaks, and the scales of fish and lissamphibians. It is pronounced “kītin.”
  • Insects have an exoskeleton that is rigid and holds their body together, and the main chemical component of this exoskeleton is of chitin.
  • Chitin is a great source of fiber that can easily be added to your daily diet.

Is Chitin a good source of fiber? Why are chapulines or grasshoppers healthy?

  • Because they are a good source of fiber and of Chitin. Chitin is also a good prebiotic that promotes the good colonic microflora. It is also known to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties adding to more health benefits. Research is being done in areas of weight loss, cholesterol reduction, and more.

How can I add Chitin to my daily diet?

  • Adding chitin to your diet is easy, just add our grasshoppers or chapulines to your shopping list and bring home a sustainable, healthy, versatile and delicious food product!

Where do you ship your products?

We currently ship our products within the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii!), Canada, and Europe. Stay tuned as we’ll ship to Asian markets (including Japan!) and Middle Eastern markets very soon.

Why would I pick Merci Mercado products over others?

  • Full legality: All Merci Mercado products have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and our products are fully traceable. All products are legally imported from Mexico.
  • Unmatched Quality: from identifying the grasshoppers or the worms, to cleaning, the dehydration and pre-cooking process/flavor-adding process, not to mention the packaging or the customer service. Quality is the defining factor in the Merci Mercado’s portfolio.
  • Appetizing looks: Merci Mercado grasshoppers are completely dehydrated (not fried) and without legs, antennas or wings, giving them a "crunchy taste" and much better appearance.
  • Great taste: Merci Mercado has developed unique in-house recipes to bring grasshoppers to the market in three different flavors that reflect the culinary richness and well-known flavors in the Mexican food culture: Plain flavor, Adobo, and Chipotle (additionally, this order reflects the level of spiciness).
  • MerciM Corp., the distributor of Merci Mercado products in the U.S. is fully insured.
  • Unbeatable cost effectiveness for large quantities: bucket with 800grs of grasshoppers give more bang for the buck, and the content is equivalent to more than 2 kilograms of other grasshoppers in the market.