MerciMercado Recipe Grashopper Croquettes with Serrano Chili

    This feel-good recipe is luxurious and very simple at the same time. We got inspired by chef's Aquiles Chavez grasshopper croquettes recipe and it is absolutely delicious!



    • 100 grams butter

    • 10 grams finely chopped garlic

    • 250 grams finely chopped onions

    • 350 grams flour

    • 1 liter milk

    • 200 grams toasted and lightly chopped Merci Mercado plain grasshoppers

    • 1 liter vegetable oil

    • 3 eggs, lightly beaten

    • 250 grams bread crumbs

    • 20 grams whole toasted Merci Mercado chipotle grasshopers for garnish

    • Salt


    • 5 egg yolks

    • 2 cups sunflower oil

    • 50 grams Merci Mercado ground grasshoppers

    • 1 serrano chili, seeded, and finely chopped

    • 1 lime, juice only

    • Salt


    To make the serrano chili-grasshoper mayonnaise:

    1. Mix the yolks lightly. Add the oil in the form of thread while beating the mixture vigorously, until you get a thick and yellowish preparation.

    2. Stir in the lemon juice and continue whisking. Add the ground grasshoppers, chili and salt totaste, reserve.

    To make the croquettes:

    1. Sauté the garlic and onion in butter. Add 100 grams of all-purpose flour, mix and stir continuously for 3 minutes or until lightly browned.

    2. Add the milk in batches, integrating it well until you obtain a semi-solid mass. Add the chopped grasshoppers and salt to taste. Refrigerate it for at least 2 hours.

    3. Heat the vegetable oil. Take out the preparation from the fridge and make circular croquettes of the desired size.

    4. Roll each croquette in the remaining flour, dip in the beaten eggs and coat with bread crumbs.

    5. Place the croquettes in the hot oil and fry quickly, turning several times, until golden. Remove the croquettes with a slotted spoon and set on a paper towel to absorb the excess oil.

    6. Serve them with a side of serrano chili-grasshoper mayonnaise and garnish with whole toasted chipotle grasshopers.