Our Commitment

we care

Beyond gastronomy, we worry about other important things such as people, their traditions, culture and the environment.

One of the reasons we started working with insects, is that they have been consumed for centuries. They have been somewhat forgotten in recent times and needed to be "rescued," so that we can once again find them in our kitchens. Aside from being delicious, they represent a solution to the environmental troubles and lack of food in the world.

Insects are much more efficient than animals when it comes to protein production; they require less food to produce the same amount of protein. For example, with 10 pounds of seeds we could obtain 6 pounds of grasshoppers, meanwhile we would only obtain 1 pound of beef.

Therefore if we increase our insect consumption, we would need less grains to feed such insects, meaning less land for farming, less deforestation, and less greenhouse gasses.

Even the United Nations through the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recommends the consumption of insects in their report <<Edible Insects: Future prospects for food and feed security>> published in 2013.